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Chamblee High School

Dekalb County Schools

Archived Minutes, Agenda and Summary

Archived Minutes, Agenda and Summary

2022- 2023 
Council Minutes Aug. 23, 2022.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda 2022-8-23.pdf
Council Summary Aug 23, 2022.pdf
Council Minutes Sept 13 2022.pdf
Advisory Agenda Sept 13, 2022.pdf
Council Summary Sept 13 2022.pdf
Council Minutes Oct 18th.pdf
Advisory Agenda Oct 18th 2022.pdf
Council Summary Oct 18 2022.pdf
Council minutes Nov 15, 2022.pdf
Advisory Agenda Nov 15th 2022.pdf
Council Summary nov 15, 2022.pdf
Council Minutes Jan 15, 2023.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda Jan 24 2023.pdf
CHS PAC Summary Jan 15 2023.pdf
Council Minutes Feb 21, 2023.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda Feb 21, 2023.pdf
CHS PAC Summary Feb 21, 2023.pdf
Council Minutes April 18, 2023.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda April 18, 2023.pdf
CHS PAC Summary April 18, 2023.pdf
Council Minutes May 16, 2023.pdf

CHS PAC Summary May 16, 2023.pdf

2021- 2022
CHS PAC Minutes 2021-8-24.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda 2021-8-24.pdf
Council Summary Aug 24.pdf
Council Minutes Sept 14.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda 2021-9-14.pdf
Council Summary Sept 14.pdf
Council Minutes Oct 12.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda 2021-10-12.pdf
Council Summary Oct 12.pdf
Council Minutes Nov 9th.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda 2021-11-9.pdf
Council Summary Nov 9th.pdf
Council Minutes Dec 14th.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda 2021-12-14.pdf
Council Summary Dec 14th.pdf
Council Minutes Jan 11th.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda 2022-1-11.pdf
Council Summary Jan 11th.pdf
Council Minutes Feb 8 2022.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda 2022-2-8.pdf
Council Summary Feb.8th.pdf
Council Minutes March 8th.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda 2022-3-8.pdf
Council Summary March 8, 2022.pdf
Council Minutes April 12, 2022.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda 2022-4-12.pdf
Council Summary April 12, 2022.pdf
Council Minutes May 10, 2022.pdf
CHS PAC Agenda May 10, 2022
Council Summary May 10, 2022.pdf